Three carpet flooring ideas for bedrooms

Three carpet flooring ideas for bedrooms

Every room has its priorities and challenges. Some, like high-traffic areas or stairs, require more durability and cleanability.

Bedrooms are relatively low-traffic areas. So the main priority is to step out on soft, warm, and comfortable carpeting first thing in the morning.

Polyester rugs: These are soft, hypoallergenic and fade-resistant

These rugs have superior stain resistance because they are inherently hydrophobic, meaning non-absorbent.

That gives them superior stain resistance and a fast-drying ability that prevents mold and mildew growth. Polyester rugs are soft and come in a large assortment of styles. They are ideal for moderately busy, low-traffic areas.

High-pile rugs

Pile refers to how the yarns are attached to a rug's backing. They are either looped or come in fibers of varying heights.

A high pile floor covering has long, loose fibers. It's perfect for low-traffic rooms like bedrooms.
While you're at it, explore the many fun colors, such as red, purple, green, and more. There are even multi-tones!

Think of something with a plush texture. Plush textures are soft and luxurious, ideal for bedrooms.

Cut and loop carpets

These are iconic and are seen often in bedrooms. In addition, various fiber heights create patterns such as pin-dot, marble, and geometrics.

We have many styles. Be sure to tell the experts in our carpet store exactly how and where you plan to install the rug.

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