Hardwood refinishing


Hardwood refinishing makes your floors like new

One of the best things about wood flooring is that you have the option to choose hardwood refinishing instead of replacing your worn or damaged floors. Unfortunately, no matter how sturdy and durable your flooring is, you will start to see signs of wear after a few decades, including scratches, scuffs, and dents, which can mar the appearance and functionality of your flooring. Read along to find out more about refinishing and how you can benefit from it.

Do you need hardwood refinishing?

Even if you are not quite sure whether your hardwood needs refinishing, we can help assess your situation and let you know what needs to be done. For example, it could be that sanding hardwood floors in one room is more necessary than others and, if so, we can cater your service to the specific need. We will discuss all your options once we assess the areas you need covering. The process can take some time, which we will cover in our consultation, but we will let you know what you can expect from start to finish. We will let you know precisely what needs to be done to your flooring, how long it will take, and what you can expect when we are finished. Our services leave no surprises or hidden details so that you can plan your life accordingly during the remodel. Once the service is complete, your floors will look almost like new again, with the stain color and finish type that suits your décor and lifestyle requirements. To protect your new finish, you can add runners or area rugs in high-traffic areas. And if you have any questions about upkeep, you can contact us any time.



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At Builders Custom Flooring, we proudly offer excellent flooring and services that are not only precisely what you are looking for but that also provide for your every need and preference. For instance, if you only need the service and not the flooring, we can still work with you towards an outstanding outcome, no matter your remodel size. Our associates can give you all the information to create the results you are looking for in any room.

From our showroom in Lake Orion, MI, we cater to the communities of Lake Orion, Orion Charter Township, Auburn Hills, Independence Charter Township, Oakland Charter Township, Oxford Charter Township, Rochester Hills, and Waterford Township, MI. We invite you to visit us any time you are in the area. We will provide the hardwood floor refinishing that makes your floors look new again.