Is padding necessary with carpet flooring?

Is padding necessary with carpet flooring?

Padding is an essential component of any carpeting installation. It's unseen once your flooring is in place, but it never stops working.

The padding is essential for visuals and performance, especially in busy homes. And the more you understand why the better your results will be.

Carpet padding improves performance

Choosing the proper padding means your floors will be less likely to ripple, wrinkle, or bunch. In addition, better performance means your floors will last longer, especially with added protection.

With this piece in place, you'll see less premature wear and balding. So be sure you add the right option to your floor covering installation.

Great padding increases comfort

The perfect carpet has a lot to do with comfort and softness, but good padding increases the experience. Plush elegance comes when your carpet pairs with the ideal padding.

This is especially important in children's rooms and bedrooms. It increases warmth and creates a stable surface for all.

Choose the right padding

Once you choose the perfect flooring, we'll help you add an underpadding that works for you. Then, we'll consider all your requirements for results that last.

Carpeting by itself would never last long without good padding. And we'll tell you even more about it when you visit us.

Our showroom is an excellent place for choosing carpet

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Let us know what you want and need, and we'll do the rest. But, of course, we want nothing less than your complete flooring satisfaction for every room.

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